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Building Regs



If you’re not used to commissioning an architectural project it can seem a daunting prospect.

We can help guide you through the process.

Just select the links below for details of the various stages of a building project.

The next stage of the process is to obtain Building Regulations approval.

Technical drawings, specifications and calculations dealing with matters such as structure, drainage, thermal performance and ventilation are submitted to your local council for approval. Generally, a structural engineer will be needed for this stage of the works if not employed at the earlier stages.

Once works are on site an inspector will visit at key stages of the building process to monitor the works. Fees are payable to the local authority at the application and inspection stages.

More information on Building Regulations applications is available here.

If your project involves works to a party wall, or new foundations in close proximity to a property boundary, the Party Wall act may apply. Further details are available here